When comparing to Bell Turbo Hub, we win hands down. See below:

As of March 24th 2018 the largest package Bell has is 100 gb at $145 per month plus rental fee of hub. Then it’s $5 per gb above the 100gb, so for 500gb that would be 400 x $5 = $2000 overage, plus the base price if $145 = $2145 + fees + tax.

$2145.00     vs    $89.99

With Bell you have to purchase or rent the hub at additional costs, with us the rental fee is already included in the monthly fee, no hidden charges.

Check it out for yourself, here is a link to the Bell website promoting why “Bell is the best choice”. Really, maybe the best choice for their shareholders, but certainly not the best choice for you or your family. Call InterPC today and become one of our many satisfied customers.