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Inter-PC is happy to announce the availability of bundled services called WarpLINK. WarpLINK services bundles together high speed internet, home phone and long distance all in one bundle, all in one bill for just $74.95 monthly. This is no promotion, this is what you pay each and every month. No big surprises on your bill after the “promotion period”. It gets better. Our bundled services are loaded with features that you have to pay extra for with those other guys. Features like Caller ID, Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Call Blocking, free long distance (Canada and US), just to name a few, are included in the low monthly fee. (see complete Feature List below)
With WarpLINK there are no ridiculous hidden fees like a network charge. Just what the heck is that anyway?

Feel like your just banging your head against a big bell? Want more independence, more choice, more money in your pocket at the end of the month? Our new WarpLink bundles for home and business may be just what the doctor ordered.

You keep your existing phone number, but it is not necessary, you can start clean with a new phone number. Switching is easy So if you’d like more information, just email sales@interpc.ca or you can call us @ 905-378-1078 for more details.
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Home Plus



1000 minutes




1000 minutes


All hardware and fees (indicated below) are *waived with a 3 year contract

  • waived – $35 fee to port your phone number (keep existing phone number)
  • waived – $89 for DSL Modem (*waived)
  • waived – $79 for ATA adapter for HomePhone (*waived)
  • waived – $19 per month dry loop fee
  • WarpSPEED high speed internet consists of:

  • Modems available to purchase, rent or rent-to-own
  •       – purchase starting @ $89.95
          – rent for $5 monthly
          – rent to own $10 monthly for 6 months with $25 deposit

  • up to 6 Mbps Download speed / 800 kbps Upload speed
  • 150 Gigabytes (GB) of bandwidth activity (transfer total upstream and downstream).
  • usage above bandwidth activity limits subject to $3 per GB fee.
  • after Outbound Calling limit reached (eg. 500 min.), there will be a 3.3 ¢/min. charge
  • OverSeas Calling Cards available in $10, $20 and $50 amounts
  • extra email or forwarding account- $3 per month for each additional account
  • If service is cancelled within 2 years, an early cancellation fee of $50 will be charged
    and all equipment and cables must be returned in working order or equipment fees will be charged

  • Service must be pre-paid at least one month in advance. Accounts maybe be shut down and subject to $60 re-activation fee.
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    Bell ON



    $32.70 plus activation fees
    $899.28 plus activation fees




    $1177.20 plus activation fees
    $25.49 plus activation fees




    $917.64 plus activation fees
    $24.98 plus activation fees

    [tab title=”Features Included”]

    Features Included:

    [toggle_content title=”WarpSPEED Internet”]
    WarpSPEED Internet Our DSL highspeed can be installed on existing Bell line (where available) or on our WarpLINK service. Download speeds of up to 6 Mbps, 60 Gigabytes (GB) of bandwidth activity (transfer total upstream and downstream).

    [toggle_content title=”Calling minutes”]
    Refers to outgoing calls you make from your phone.
    – 500 minute plan is over 8.3 hours of calling
    – 1000 minute plan is over 16.6 hours of calling
    – Calls over plan limit cost 3¢/minute

    [toggle_content title=”Unlimited Inbound Calls”]
    This refers to calls coming in to your number. WarpLINK bundles allow for unlimited incoming calls so friends and family can call you anytime.

    [toggle_content title=”Free Local Calling”]
    Free Local CallingThere is no separate charge for local calls. Please note that the call cap (500 or 1000 minutes) still is in effect.

    [toggle_content title=”Free Long Distance (CAN/US)”]
    Free Long Distance (CAN/US) There is no long distance charge for calls within Canada and the continental US.

    [toggle_content title=”Voice Mail”]
    Voice MailVoice Mail ensures that calls are not missed, as messages will be left in the subscriber’s voice mailbox if they are unable to answer their phone. These voice mailboxes provide the customer with the ability to retrieve, reply, send and broadcast messages from any telephone. A password is used to ensure the privacy of all messages. Message Waiting Indication (via a lamp or an interrupted dial tone) is also provided. Subscribers can check Voice Mail directly by dialing “*97″.

    [toggle_content title=”Caller ID”]
    Caller ID This feature sends the Name and Number of the calling party to the Line for each incoming call it receives. The terminal equipment (telephone, fax, modem) on the Line must be capable of reading and displaying the Name and Number information it receives.

    [toggle_content title=”Call Waiting”]
    Call Waiting This feature alerts the Line subscriber who is involved in one call that there is another call coming in on the line. The alert is done via an audible tone that the Line subscriber hears when the new call arrives. The subscriber may use a switchhook flash (or Link button) to put the original call on hold and answer the new call. The subscriber may then use a switchhook flash to toggle between the two calls. If the Line subscriber chooses not to answer the second call, that call will receive the no answer’ treatment assigned to the line (e.g. it will forward to voice mail if the line has a voice mailbox). Customers can temporarily suspend the Call Waiting functionality. Call Waiting is activated by dialing “*70″ before placing a call. This will suspend Call Waiting for the duration of the next outbound call.

    [toggle_content title=”Call Forwarding All”]
    Call Forwarding All This feature (CFA), when activated, redirects all calls made to the Line to another destination. The destination may be any dialable Telephone Number (Local, Long Distance, Toll Free, International) The subscriber is responsible for any toll charges incurred if the line is forwarded to a Telephone Number outside the line’s free calling area. CFA is activated by dialing “*72” and then entering the Telephone Number to which calls are to be redirected. CFA may be deactivated by dialing “*73″

    [toggle_content title=”Call Forwarding Busy”]
    Call Forwarding Busy This feature (CFB), when activated, redirects calls made to the Line to another destination if the line is busy (i.e. involved in another call). The destination may be any dialable Telephone Number (Local, Long Distance, Toll Free, International). The subscriber is responsible for any toll charges incurred if the line is CFB’d to a Telephone Number outside the line’s free calling area The subscriber will then be responsible for activating and deactivating the CFB feature (using ” *90 ” and ” *91 ” respectively), as well as programming the target destination – The provider cannot do it for them.

    [toggle_content title=”Black Listing Numbers”]
    Black Listing Numbers To black list a number means that calls are not accepted from a specific number. The caller receives an out of service message. To Blacklist a number dial “*30”, to Blacklist the last caller “*32”, to remove a number from Blacklist dial “*31″.

    [toggle_content title=”Do Not Disturb”]
    Do Not Disturb When this feature (DND), is activated a caller is immediately routed to your voice mail. Your telephone will not ring. You MUST remember to deactivate DND when you are finished. This feature is great for meetings when you do not want to be interrupted by the telephone ringing. The subscriber can activate DND by dialing “*78”, deactivated DND by dialing “*79”, or toggle DND on/off by dialing “*76″

    [toggle_content title=”No Network Fee”]
    No Monthly Network FeeUnlike some large national phone companies, you will not be hit with ridiculous hidden fees like monthly network fees

    [toggle_content title=”Keep Your Existing Phone Number”]
    Keep Your Existing Phone Number You can either get a brand new phone number, or keep your existing phone number. Note that there is a $35 fee to port your existing number over but this fee is waived when you signup for 3 years. (see notes below)

    [toggle_content title=”Emergency E911″]
    Emergency E911 This feature has 911 Emergency services similar to what you are use to.