InterPC’s high speed internet service WarpSPEED DSL is available in city centers to business and homes in Niagara. Always ON service means your internet connection can always be connected with no time limits and you can still make and receive phone calls on the same line. DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is high-speed Internet access that utilizes existing copper telephone lines that are in place in your home or business. DSL can offer T1- like speeds up to 150 times faster than dialup acess. DSL is based on a digital signal which can squeeze much more capacity out of a copper phone line than an analog modem can. Your current phone line uses only 1% of the line capacity for a voice call. WarpSPEED utilizes the other 99% of the lines capacity. WarpSPEED service is actually an ADSL service where the A stands for asyncronous. This means the download/upload speeds are different.

You do have a choice!

You no longer have to deal directly with Bell or the cable company to get high speed internet access. WarpSPEED DSL from InterPC provides high quality, high speed DSL services over standard phone lines, where available. Since your neighbours are not sharing your internet connection as with cable, you will not have the traffic jams cable users can have. You do have a choice and with WarpSPEED DSL.

Live in the Country?

No problem, InterPC can get you quality high speed internet even if you live outside the normal cable/dsl coverage. Our Xplornet service is available anywhere. Check on this site for more info.

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WarpSPEED Home 10


up to 10 Mbps / 1 Mbps
no limit

WarpSPEED Business



up to 6 Mbps / 800 kbps
150 GB
Additional Information:
  • Service requires ADSL modem, which is available to purchase starting at $95 or rent for $5 per month.
  • First and last month service and setup fee required in advance.
  • Setup is $75 for in-store pickup and self-install, or $125 delivery and on-site installation.
  • No contract but at least 30 days notification of cancellation is required. Business accounts require 90 days notice. Rental equipment must be returned to store complete and in working order immediately to avoid being billed the full amount for the equipment. Damaged or missing equipment will not be accepted.
  • Subject to early cancellation fee of $50 if cancelled within 24 months. For DSL Warplink VOIP combo, the cancellation fee is equivalent of one monthly fee with 30 days notification.
  • WarpSPEED @HOME is included in our new WarpLINK Home Phone BUNDLE !