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Gallery of Some Xplornet Installations

Gallery of Some Xplornet Installations


In case you ever need help with your service we have a special Customer Care line, just for customers on our business plans, and expedited service at your location if you ever need help from a technician.




10 Mbps / 1 Mbps
100 GB
$5/ GB
upon request
3 year term - $99
  1. Limited time offer, subject to availability and may change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offer unless otherwise specified. Monthly Service Fee includes $15/month rental cost of Subscriber Module Equipment. Early termination fees apply. Activation fees apply. If installation requirements go beyond the scope of a basic installation, additional fees may apply. Subject to site check. Site check fee may apply.
  2. Actual speed online may vary with your choice of package, your technical configuration, Internet traffic, server or other factors.
  3. Basic installation by InterPC includes the installation of outdoor/indoor units, cabling up to 75′ and connection to one computer. An “Enhanced Installation” is anything beyond the “Basic Installtion” and is subject to additional charges paid to InterPC. A router may be required for multiple users and is not provided or supported by Xplornet but is optionally available from InterPC.
    Examples of an “Enhanced Installation” would be: additional cable beyond 75′, additional mounting materials/labour, connection to an existing customer router or one purchased from InterPC, email setup or any other specific customer requests.
  4. A one-time activation fee will appear on your first invoice.
  • These packages have a “free upload and download period”, from 2am through 7am local time daily, during which usage is not counted towards your monthly usage.
  • This offer is available only to customers living within the region of Niagara.
  • Check with InterPC to confirm availability of service in your area
  • For complete details of Xplornet’s 30-day money-back guarantee, traffic management policy and basic instalation, please visit Taxes will apply. Xplornet ® is a trademark of Xplornet Communications Inc.
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