Changes to Email Settings

Due to security reasons, InterPC has changed the email server thus in order to send and/or receive email with your email address you will have to

make changes in your email client. Specifically the outgoing SMPT port is no longer port 25 but is now port 1025. Incoming and Outgoing mail servers are

both, however will work for incoming and will work for outgoing. Alternately you can also you the new

Webmail at the new address


Setup an Email account on your computer:

Email Settings
This information is for those who are very comfortable manually configuring email settings.
Username: Your email account:
POP3 Server: or
IMAP Server: or
SMTP Server: or
POP3 Port: 110
IMAP Port: 143
SMTP Port: 1025
In the Outgoing Server Settings, set SMTP Authentication on, and ‘Use same settings as incoming server’ should be enabled.

If your email password is less than 4 characters you will have to call InterPC to get a new password set for your account, 905-378-1078