Here’s what others are saying:

Here are a few testimonials submitted by some recent InterPC customers who are now enjoying Xplornet 4G internet on both the WiMAX wireless and Satellite platforms.

John S.Fabulous job! Super friendly! Great customer service 🙂

John S.

Bev TAndy did my install today and was awesome--friendly, professional and super helpful!!!!!!

Bev T

Joyce G.The Xplornet satellite internet is working just great. I could not be happier with it and I was very pleased the installer from InterPC, Andy was very professional and polite.

Joyce G.
Port Colborne

Allan G.After years of being stuck with "Dial Up" service, l finally decided to go with Xplornet. Although l had checked out other so called high speed systems, hubs, upgrades etc, l wasn't fully convinced these alternative options would work. I live in Wainfleet on Lakeshore Road and there are no fibre optic Bell lines installed so going with Bell was not an option. My new Xplornet satelite system works off an independent satelite dish installed on my chimney. Reception is great and the signal stong. The 3.0 Mbps/500kbps download speed is more than enough for my needs. Although l am entitled to 20GB of bandwidth allowance monthly, l doubt if l will use that much. It also gives me 2 e-mail accounts, one for me and one for my wife. With the new system installed l was able to cancel my 2nd Bell line that was specific to my fax line & computer. My monthly Bell phone bill dropped from $99.00 a month to $59.00 monthly giving me a savings of $40.00 which in effect drops the cost of the monthly Xplornet to $19.99. It is also much easier to navigate the Xplornet site and their help center is very supportive.

Allan G.

MIchael and Jacob went above and beyond to make me happy

Linda G.

Michael was courteous, kind and really knew what he was doing.

Jean A.
Port Colborne

You had someone come out today to fix our internet service for Xplornet, and whatever they did they did an amazing job because it's working fantastic. So I just want to call and thank whoever that gentleman was.

Lisa B.