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What is InterPC Xcelerated ?

It’s a patented compression technology that increases the speed of any internet connection now up to 14 times faster normal dialup speed. It speeds up your email even more! Most users will find that their web surfing experience is significantly enhanced by the addition of this software to their PC. If you access the Internet using a dial up connection at home or on the road, this is where Xcelerated truly shines. For DSL, cable, wireless or ISDN connections, you will notice a marked improvement as well.

No extra hardware is needed just signup and you will get a link to download and install the PC client software. InterPC Xcelerated! utilizes the patented Slipsteam technology. The software at our end compresses, optimizes and streamlines web content, providing a dramatic improvement in speed. Results will vary from site-to-site depending on type of content.

Why would I want InterPC Xcelerated ?

If you want to realize a faster internet experience with your current dialup connection. If you access the Internet using a dial up connection at home or on the road, Xcelerated! will make you more productive. For low speed DSL, cable, or ISDN connections, you will notice a great increase in speed and a decrease in the number of packets transmitted.

It’s perfect for people who want faster internet where no DSL is available. Cick here to see a Comparison Demo of an actual comparison simulation of a normal dialup connection and the same connection with InterPC Xcelerated!.

We invite you to get more out of your internet dialup then you ever have before. If you not yet convinced by the demo, let us offer you a 10 day free trial. After before the 10 days is up you must let us know you either want to keep it or not. Your account will then be billed in three month increments. See the Introductory Offer below for yearly discounts. Get Xcelerated! today !

What gets Xcelerated ?

  • Web Pages – HTML markup and Javascript
  • Graphics – including JPG and GIF images
  • Text
  • E-mail
  • What does not get Xcelerated ?

  • Streaming media, audio and video files
  • Secure pages, such as those used for on-line banking and Credit Card forms
  • Files and attachements such as music and digital photos
  • Benefits

  • Runs seamlessly after you’ve dialed up.
  • Lets you specify the image quality and in turn the speed of surfing.
  • View detailed compression statistics.
  • Easily customize your own settings.
  • Includes Pop-up window blocker to stop annoying pop-up windows.
  • Introductory Offers:

    Monthly Subscription – $ 5.95

    Annual Subscription – $59.95

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